To be able to compare the difference between Jinjer’s ginger essential oil and other ginger essential oil, first we must define what is essential oil. 


What is essential oil?

Essential oil is the essence of a plant, flower or root. The pure essence itself contains very potent chemicals and so it should not be used on its own. Although pure essential oil is high in chemical content, it can also bring an insurmountable number of benefits when being used. An example would be lavender essential oil being used as a natural way to assist in better sleep. 


How is essential oil extracted? 

Essential oil can be extracted through various ways. Commonly, essential oil is extracted through a process called steamed distillation. The steam within the instrument passes through the plant, flower or root and carries the essential oil with it. The steam and essential oil travels through a tube and eventually separates out the oil from the steam. 


Now that the basics are checked off, let’s dive into the details. 


Jinjer’s Ginger Essential Oil

Other Leading Brand’s 

Ginger Essential Oils

100% pure Zingiber Officinale(ginger) oil.

Contains healing properties.

Support mental clarity during car rides.

Ready to use directly from the bottle.

May help promote skin health.

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) method.

High purity level of extracted essential oil.

Eco-friendly process by reusing CO2.

As seen on the chart above, Jinjer’s essential oil contains many additional benefits compared with the other leading brand’s ginger essential oils. Below is a more in-depth explanation of each point.



Taking into account people with busy lifestyles as well as first time users, Jinjer creates its essential oil so it’s ready to use directly from the bottle, anytime and anywhere. Other leading essential oil brands require a lot of prep time beforehand and it can get messy when mixing carrier oils if you don’t have the proper equipment. Jinjer essential oil comes in a dropper bottle that’s easy, convenient to use and chic. 


May Promote Skin Health 

Jojoba essential oil and evening primrose essential oil provides optimal benefit when blended with ginger essential oil. Jojoba contains various minerals, such as vitamin E and B, that helps nourish and protect your skin. Evening primrose may help promote skin health issues, such as acne and dry skin. 


Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction

This method of extraction is different compared with the steamed distillation method, mentioned above. Using the CO2 extraction method has many benefits compared with the steamed distillation process. Through this intricate process, there is total control to maintain the quality of every batch of products produced. This process allows the CO2 to be recycled and reused thus being more responsible to the environment. The process is also non-flammable so it’s not hazardous to the environment. During the extraction process, CO2 also acts as a cleaning agent to help remove any bacteria or impurities. The end result is a highly pure ginger essential oil. 


There you have it for the main difference between Jinjer’s ginger essential oil compared with other top brands’s ginger essential oil. One of the biggest selling points is the fact that Jinjer’s essential oil comes premixed with 2 carrier oils. The dropper bottle makes it convenient for anyone to use anywhere and at any time. 


Let us know what you think of Jinjer’s essential oil compared with other top brands.

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