For a very long time, ginger has been used in traditional and alternative medicine for its natural healing properties. Gingerol, a natural bioactive compound, is responsible for the majority of its healing effects. It is also responsible for the distinct aroma and flavor that ginger brings.

Ginger essential oil(GEO) contains a high content of gingerol infused with other natural ingredients to enhance the health benefits of ginger. When used as an aromatherapy, a warm, spicy, and sweet scent is drawn out of the oil. It exudes a soothing, warm, and empowering element, thus earning its nickname, “The Oil of Empowerment”.

Here are some really great health benefits of ginger oil that no one’s talking about.

1. Reduce inflammation
Ginger contains many natural properties that aids in reducing inflammation and promotes blood circulation. When applied topically, the gingerol in GEO emits a warming sensation that soothes and reduces inflammation. It’s a natural remedy to providing relief to muscles and joints. 
2. Relieve neuropathic pain
Another healing property of ginger is pain relief to muscle, joint and neuropathic pain. Pain is caused by many reasons but a common cause of pain is due to a swelling or inflammation of the body. When applied topically, the properties in ginger penetrate the skin to provide quick relief.

Studies have shown ginger essential oil has aid in menstrual pain as well. In another study, it found that the experimental group that received treatment with ginger oil reported having reduced lower back pain in just three weeks.
3. Eliminates toxins in your body
Ginger is also used to soothe an unsettled stomach by removing toxins from our body. Toxins are broken down into smaller particles and thus helping our digestive system move the toxins out of our body. It also contains antiseptic properties that may prevent future buildup of bacteria to keep your body healthy in the long term.
4. Aid in lymphatic drainage 
When used as a massage oil, GEO aids in stimulating the lymphatic system. As the lymph move through your body, the lymphatic system is able to cleanse and cycle the fluid back into your bloodstream, stimulates the process by removing toxins from the body through lymphatic drainage.

The natural herbs within the ginger essential oil removes excess fluid from the body. After the removal of the excess fluid, the oil aids in rapidly reducing the swelling of the body parts. 

When ginger essential oil is used in lymphatic drainage treatment, it removes excess fluid in your body and rapidly reduces the swelling of the body parts. This is due to the active gingerol found in the oil that helps reduce inflammation. 
5. It empowers the mind
As we mentioned before, ginger oil has been nicknamed “The Oil of Empowerment”. The warming and soothing effect of the oil accentuates one’s confident level when used as an aromatherapy oil. Not only is it healing to the physical troubles but it is also healing to our mind. The next time you need a little confidence boost, put a few drops of ginger oil in your diffuser to inhale and see if you notice the difference. 

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