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Our essential oil is a blend of 100% ginger oil, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil. Our goal is to simplify and amplify your self-care routine by creating a ready-to-use essential oil. Ease away the muscle tension and aches one drop at a time. 



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Ways to Use Jinjer Oil



I’m a mom of 4 so I’m very exact on budgeting and time management. And Jinjer oil saved me on time because it’s ready to use and money because I don’t need to invest in various oils to mix together. And I love the refreshing ginger smell. It gives me a burst of energy in the morning to start my day. It’s simple and easy to do!

Kourtney W.

I was new to essential oils and was so happy when I learned that Jinjer was ready to use oil. It’s convenient and it works like a charm! I keep it with me at my work to help me alleviate pain from constantly running around at work. I sneak into our break room and add a few drops directly onto my calves and give it a quick massage. The warming effects of the oil takes into effect and slowly alleviates my swelling and pain!

Leslie G.

I keep this in my car for my kids when they get carsick. I just put a few drops on their palm, have them rub it together and inhale it. After a few minutes, it got rid of their nausea. After dropping the kids off, I use it myself before I go to work to clear my mind.

Samantha F.

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